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Sports equipment

INSURANCE FOR THE SPORTS EQUIPMENT includes necessary to start equipment - bike, helmet or wetsuit during the race and on start day. Insured equipment must be owned by the insured person during the period of the insurer's liability, not older than 5 years as of the last day of the insurance period. The insurance includes damage in the sports equipment consisting in loss, damage or destruction thereof during the period of the insurer's liability.

To the extent of the sports equipment insurance, subject to section 8, the insurer pays to the insured person insurance benefit reflecting damage occurring as a result of:
1) armed robbery,
2) fortuitous events and rescue actions conducted in connection with a fortuitous event,
3) accident of a transport vehicle in which the sports equipment was carried,
4) accident or sudden disease as a result of which the insured person lost their capacity to take care of the sports equipment,
when the sports equipment is still under direct care of the insured person.

When the sports equipment is not under its direct care, the insurer shall pay insurance benefits reflecting the damage in the sport equipment arising as a result of burglary, if the sports equipment:
1) was left in a luggage depository against a receipt,
2) was left in a locked room owned by or let against payment to the insured person under a separate agreement, provided that such room has no unsecured holes through which access to the insured property is possible without burglary (in the event of losing keys, also spare keys, the insured person is required to change security measures immediately),
3) was left in a closed vehicle owned by the insured person, secured with at least one electronic security measure (in the event of losing keys, also spare keys, the insured person is required to change security measures immediately).

Please read full Terms of Insurance. To buy insurance you have to give the exact date of the purchase.


The cost includes premium of 0,06% of the sum of the insurance and handling charges associated with operating insurance. Euro selling rate on the date of the contract amounts to 4,25 PLN